Wieser Concrete Septic Tanks

Wieser Concrete Products Inc. produces cost-effective septic tanks. The tanks are strong and durable and the company says they are the main choice of contractors looking for design consistence and great performance. Wieser tanks are watertight and are vacuum-tested to ensure maximum longevity and service. Tanks can be installed on small projects and very large sites.

About Wieser Concrete Products Inc.

Wieser Concrete Products is a family company that was founded by Joseph Wieser in 1965. Over the years the company has grown to more than 100 employees and is currently managed by the second generation of Wieser family members. The company boasts of not only its high quality products but its superior customer service. Products are available in Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States.

Wieser Concrete Septic Tanks

Wieser tanks are easy to install and are manufactured in a controlled environment. The advantage of this is that all materials are inspected for consistent durability and quality. Wieser septic tanks are marketed to government agencies, municipalities, agricultural businesses and other commercial markets.


Wieser septic tank forms are available in a range of capacities from 750 gallon tanks to 40,000 gallon tanks. Container dimensions vary considerably based on customers' intended use. Larger tanks can be hooked together using connecting pipes. This allows the tanks to fill and empty using one inlet and one pump-out port.

Septic tanks feature upside down, low casting design with steel skins and framing. This form allows Wieser to produce single and dual compartment tanks with removable wall blockouts.

Contacting Wieser

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